November 2019

Like most personal websites, the last post on here is, let’s see… 9 months old, talking about how I should post more.
I left Dirty Revival at the end of August. It didn’t end well, but that’s another story for another time. For now, I’ll just say that it was time, and it was definitely the right decision. My parents think I’m visibly happier these days. One project for my newfound free time is updating this site more. I’m trying to get my home studio into some kind of usable setup; for now it’s a chaotic room of keyboards and gear.
A few months back I got a proper desktop computer with some actual horsepower, something I haven’t had in close to 9 years now. After my laptop was stolen on tour with Dirty Revival a few years back, I was using the cheapest possible netbook from Best Buy, which is almost too underpowered to function. I suppose it got me by for that time.
Lately I’ve been keeping busy taking freelance gigs in town that I was unable to take before due to being on the road. The last couple weeks were utterly bananas: I spent a month filling in at Beacock Music teaching piano lessons for my friend Paul Paresa, who was on tour with Sam Densmore in Europe, and the last week overlapped with KMHD‘s fall membership drive. I’ve also been doing some work for Eclectic Sounds, run by guitarist Cameron Morgan. It’s mostly listing items for sale, taking photos, putting records in the cleaner before shipping them… That said, I’d much rather be doing that kind of work with rare LPs and effects pedals than, like, salt shakers.

Here are my upcoming shows, with Facebook links where applicable. This is all copied from my facebook page, which I try to keep updated. All are in Portland, OR unless noted otherwise.

Tomorrow, 11/9: Jeremy & Sweet Soul Odyssey -Loud n Rah! I’m playing with Jeremy 9-11. It’s at Slim’s PDX. Also in the band: Melissa Carroll, Austin Christ, and James Ford.

Friday, 11/22: at AC Hotel Portland Downtown with Giancarlo Viviano and Ben and Michelle Medler, 6-8p.

Saturday, 11/23: excited to play with Curtis Salgado for the first time in several years! Curtis Salgado at Venti’s Downtown (Salem, OR)

Wednesday, 11/27: 3 Jazz 3 Furious at Ruse Brewing

Friday, 12/6: Curtis Salgado at Trails End Saloon (Oregon City, OR)

Saturday, 12/7: with Jeremy Joyce at Living Room Theaters, 8:00-11:00

Thursday, 12/12: Rules. (EP Release), Daniel Rossi’s Mess, Boreen at Bunk Bar – real excited for this one. My longtime friend (and 3 Jazz 3 Furious bandmate) Parker Hall will be singing and playing guitar instead of drumming. We’ll be playing songs he wrote for his solo project, Rules.

Saturday, 12/28: Curtis Salgado at BIlly Blues Bar (Vancouver, WA)

Tuesday, 12/31: New Years Eve with Curtis Salgado (Seattle, WA)

Cheers, y’all…