Holiday Update

Hello all,

It’s been a good year – I amassed many new instruments and I’m still learning how to play them better! I’ll have to post a more complete story of the saga of how I wound up with my new piano – a nine-foot concert grand Steinway D made in 1915. It was at an estate sale, and I had it refurbished – it came home in July. I bought several more organs, including a “chopped” Hammond – it’s in a road-ready cabinet, and is designed to be taken out to performances. It’s still very heavy, but my technician, Matt Miles, went through it – and now it’s one of the best sounding organs I’ve ever played. It was a college graduation gift from my parents. Around Halloween, Dirty Revival went to Los Angeles to film an episode for a TV show – unfortunately, I can’t say much more than that until it’s officially announced, but it will be on a major network in January and should bring at least a couple more people to our shows in the following year!

Happy holidays, and thank you for your support!

Ben “Snacks” Turner